A bit of history

I learnt the responsibilities of Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Australian university system with RMIT University. I was at times leading clinics, the program itself then post-graduate programs to become Head of Chiropractic with additional responsibility for international development

In that position I helped establish new programs in Tokyo, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur and restructured the Melbourne program. I was promoted on merit to Associate Professor of Chiropractic Education at RMIT

My appointment in 2011 as Professor of Chiropractic with CQUniversity-Australia brought with it the privilege of working with a quality Australian university

Chiropractic learning

As Professor of Chiropractic at CQUniversity-Australia (School of Medical & Applied Sciences) I led the founding of Australasia’s 5th chiropractic program and the first in Queensland.

I have also enjoyed 6 years as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine with the International Medical University (IMU) Kuala Lumpur, and am most proud to be Education Advisor with the Tokyo College of Chiropractic (obviously in Tokyo) with a friendship dating from 1995.

To facilitate quality learning in a chiropractic program I develop cutting-edge approaches to higher education to maximise engagement on an anywhere, anytime basis for both learning and assessment



“I love what I do because I do what I love, which is to develop young minds to help them grow to become successful graduate chiropractors”

What happens now is today’s story, and in due course we can reflect on it

Made on a Mac

About chiropractic

Chiropractic is a strategy for neural integrity that optimises individual wellbeing, going beyond ‘pain’ to attempt to resolve ‘why’. To help new clinical thinkers understand and embrace this paradigm is one privilege; to provide appropriate, acceptable tools to achieve this in an evidence-based manner is another. Both are vital to the health of my current practice as a Creative Futurist

Understanding the concept of the inflection point is one way to understand why I am comfortable with the expression my Japanese friends use to describe me (above). It sort of means I’m crazy about chiropractic. ‘Crazy’ in this sense carries with it the duty-of-care of a teacher and the responsibility of a clinician to give to learners as well as to those who think they know it all

Included is the inherent need to be engaged with scholarship and research