How to get his books

You will find The Adventures of PipTed in the iBook store from mid 2015. They are free and kid-safe and designed for an adult to share the experience through reading

Even though they are high-tech as iBooks they take the traditional form of  stories and tales

There are no ‘in-App’ purchases nor anything else that will put your child at risk

They are the sort of story you can start at home then continue in the reception space of your chiropractic clinic as you get ready to receive your care

They are the stuff I read to my grandkids

Who is PipTed?

PipTed is a friend who lives and travels with me. A few years ago he came to visit a inside a box of roses, and stayed

What is his philosophy?

To travel safely and be a guest, not a tourist

Who should read his books?

Young girls and boys aged between around 8 to 12 who may not yet be travellers

PipTed’s adventures will give you healthy ideas about how to enjoy your time from the minute you leave home. There is no end to the enjoyment and education bestowed by good travel

The Adventures of

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