My Skills Set


There is always a new and better way to achieve enhanced outputs. My expertise lies in finding and understanding these, and then sharing them. My ‘office’ is my MacBook Air, iPad Air and iPhone which come together ‘anytime, anywhere’

Small group interaction

Learning and growth are not, in my view, positive outcomes from large-group activity. All that happens in a lecture to 200+ students is the creation of a bell curve based on retention and regurgitation. I limit my leading of learning journeys to small groups of no more than 24 where I know the name of every participant and their individual strengths and weaknesses. This lets me find the best in each person in that group and guide them to understanding, not memory-influenced replication

Governance and Facilitation

My understanding of human ethics and my ability to effectively Chair a meeting are strengths I celebrate. Facilitation of others to maximise their contribution is a unique strength of mine


I attempt to live my life in the Shinto-style of thinking. To me there are only boundaries based on respect and gentle-ness. We are free to live as we wish as long as we do not hurt others, meaning issues around race, colour, religion, sexuality, political preference, financial status and so on are not within my belief system and thus, are ignored


I am an established author with a hard copy technical text, a hard copy professional text for students, and numerous iBooks. There are some 159 entries for me in The Index to Chiropractic Literature

Planning and Organisation

My organisation skills are impeccable. I have a strength in planning meetings, seminars, workshops and similar events


I am competent with managing small (~20 people) complex organisations (from academic activities to radio stations). I am an experienced producer and presenter of purpose-driven radio and televisual segments and have managed, edited and written for print media in newspaper, magazine and journal formats


My chosen platform is Apple because it ‘simply works’ to produce the outcomes I demand. I work at a high level in Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, iBooks Author, and am coming to grips with Motion. iTunes and iPhoto


The many forms of creativity mean the term is overused and frequently mis-applied. My niche is the ability to identify new ways to communicate and how multiple concepts may mesh. This is appropriate to my script writing and plot developments, my book and article writing, and of course, my mentoring

“I am a creative futurist, facilitator and author, committed to wholesome projects in media, technology and education to ensure outstanding outcomes”

Made on a Mac