Planning, developing, commissioning then managing two new commercial radio stations in two countries, plus a small TV station provide a solid knowledge base for me in media

I have managed several other radio stations from loss and turned them into profitable businesses. Along with managing a print media outlet and delivering live on-air performances from capital city to small-town markets over 24 or more years gives me a unique ability to apply a critical eye and ear to multi-media design and production

I accept contracts to write and produce audiovisual media 


My 10 or so iBooks qualify me as a creative writer and from my early adoption of this approach comes my skill in determining optimal future directions for learning

It is clear a new model of clinical learning is needed and I especially welcome commissions in this field

As a leader in the generation of iBooks I also welcome commissions to assist with planning, design, development and production


Five new chiropractic programs in four countries and in three languages is evidence of my ability with curriculum development, implementation, manage-ment and accreditation

I offer this expertise to bodies within my discipline of chiropractic who wish to establish their own chiropractic program

Self improvement

My work with less-advantaged youth around healthy living and more recently with a Queensland-based company addressing work-place stress and mental health gives me a solid base to build custom courses in these fields

I am available at no cost as a mentor. My limit is 5 mentees at any one time

Professional writing

Over 100 papers in the peer-reviewed, indexed literature, from both quantitative and qualitative research, plus another 50 or so support papers, qualify me as a critical writer, reinforced by my 5 years as Assistant Editor to a scientific journal that qualify me to supervise clinical, educational and related research

I accept commissions to mentor the writing of papers and theses

What I Offer

“I am a creative futurist, facilitator and author, committed to wholesome projects in media, technology and education to ensure outstanding outcomes”


Please feel free to contact me for a confidential discussion about the benefits you gain by interacting with a Creative Futurist. There is no obligation

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